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Equipment Rental Service
We provide rental service for professional equipments, from 4K cameras, full HD camcorders, lighting equipments, track dollies, to full accessories.  Some of the professional equipments we offer for rent are:
  1. Red One 4K Camera
  2. Sony EX3 Full HD Camcorder
  3. Full set of Arri HDMI Daylight Kits (1200W to 18KW)
  4. Full set of Arri Tungeston Light Kits (500W to 5000W)
  5. Full set of Kino Flo Cool Light Kits
  6. Full set of Litepanal’s LED Light Kits
  7. Full set of Panther Dolly & Crane.
  8. Full set of Libec Dooly & Jip Arm.
  9. Professional Sony Wireless Mics, and Accessories.

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